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Garmin E-trex Accuracy


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Tried my first ever Geocaching hunt yesterday, using a standard (yellow) Garmin etrex that I've owned for about four or five years. The unit took me to the middle of a football pitch, which I knew couldn't be right. Consequently, I got my friend to come along with his Tom Tom. That took us to exactly the right spot. My E-trex was 370 feet out and was still taking me to the point in the middle of the pitch. Is this unit inherently less accurate than others? Does it need a software update? I've never been aware of any inaccuracy before, but then I've never used it for Geocaching where a very precise longitude/latitude is required.

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I am absolutely certain that I entered the co-ordinates correctly. I checked them several times. I'm convinced that the GPS itself is giving inaccurate readings at the moment, because I was getting different co-ordinates just standing in my friend's garden to those that he was getting on his Tomtom. I'll need to get the instructions out to find out how you set the datum.

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