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Aloha! & Wahine Eye Spy

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Aloha All! Puzzled. :D We came across the Kaiseregg1 TB tags the other day in the bottom of a relatively large cache. Unlike others we have found these tags were not attached to anything, in a ziplock or with any type of instructions. Upon returning home we looked up the cache which doesn't say anything about an affiliated item either. We then emailed the owner who has responded indicating that nothing was attached, he's new to geocaching, and that we can put something on it if we want or not. Okay.......


So, our questions... is it usual to have TB tags out traveling the world with nothing attached? If no, should we attach something for him?


We're a little more practiced than the owner but we've never started a travel bug of our own so we want to ensure we play by the rules and well with others! Please let us know what you think.


We look forward to hearing from you. Mahalo!


Aloha! & Wahine Eye Spy :lol:

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Hi - I didn't want to start a different thread for this but I wanted to ask... when you're starting a travlebug, you can start it at any cache you like, right?  How does that normally work and does the site only get updated when a tag is found?  I'm trying to plan out sending a TB out later this month :D.



You can place it in any standard cache (Not earthcaches or webcams).


The bug will get updated everytime someone retrieves it or drops it into a cache. (Assuming they actually log the transaction online)


Make sure to read Snoogans' Tb Longevity Clinic pinned at the top of this forum.

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I'm sure it has probably been done, but I've never come across one. It's ok to attach something to it, but show the attachment to the owner first for approval. Don't go so far as to attach a cinderblock or a payphone though. Those have been done already.


Make sure your attachment doesn't have a virus :)

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I've encountered it twice.


One had a giant laminated instruction sheet and nothing else. I gather the instructions were added by someone later. I was tempted to replace it with a smaller sheet, as the size made it a booger to carry in a small swag bag. I didn't, though.


And once, just tags on a chain. That was a player who didn't play long, didn't know to change the name from Travel Bug Dog Tag and probably wasn't watching the listing any more. I offered to add something to the chain, but never heard back.


It was sort of a sad object without a trinket. I wasn't the only one who thought so, as it subsequently picked up a key and a paperclip. I'd ask before I made any change to somebody else's bug, though.

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Criminal01 has some great pictures for just being a laminated paper with the tag. Too funny!


And the Travel Bug Dog Tag is still going.. well, as of June... maybe will make it to Australia some day. Very creative with the key and blue paper clip. Why not? LOL That family seems to have stopped caring last August.

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