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:D Ahoy, matey! If'n yer plans fer cache talk 'n' fun 'cludes folks frum the Big Land 'swell's frum the Rock, the crew'd be 'appy ta 'tribute our dubloons' wurf! Thar be a growin' fell'rship o' dedicat'd, resourceful play'rs in this parrrt o' the province, whot seems itchin' ta ramp fings hup a notch an' keeps the scene challengin' an' 'joy'ble. 'opes they poipes up, too, an' ye welcomes the friendly riv'lry whot's we gots goin' in the Labradorrr! :laughing:

(hinsert blarck eye emoticon 'ere) the Wench, fer No Beard 'n' the Pi Rats

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I would support MGA becoming AGA. Maritime to Atlantic.


Something that could be brought up at our Next MGA-AGM (Maritime Geocaching Association - Annual General Meeting) on Sept.17, 2005.


Perhaps it is something, no not perhaps, I will go back to MGA right now and Start the thread.


Well I may have just made some waves but I posted the thread.


You can view it RIGHT HERE and we will see how it goes.

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I've suggested that to MGA members a few times, but was told that newfoundlanders wernt interested in it.. since it was named the "MGA", but I cant see why it couldnt be expanded quite easily to not exclude an area thats booming with good traditional caches vs highway toss's.


Being a newf living in Moncton, I'd be glad to be the token newf to get the rest on board, of the possible ACGA ? (Atlantic Canada Geocaching Associaition?)


If the MGA doesn't want to expand its borders, I'm fair game to creating a full system just for Newfoundlanders.

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