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Bench Mark?

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My husband and I have been geocaching for about 6 months. This weekend we came across this marker and I "made" him take a picture of it. (See picture at http://www.havelmark.com/pages/30/index.htm). I thought at first look it was a Bench Mark, but looking though pictures of Benchmarks, I don't think so.


Is there a place on Geocache.com that you can log Places of Interest? I think that it would be very nice to have a Places of Interest section.




Heather portion of brad-and-heather

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Your benchmark is a cadastral survey marker, as opposed to a benchmark (elevation) or triangulation (lat/long) survey marker. It is similar to those set by property surveyors where the mark is often a length of rebar set into the ground.


When the western part of the United States was surveyed (1800's), it was laid out in a series of grids, ie., townships, ranges and sections. This is a corner of one of those "big squares".


by ArtMan Aug 7 2005, 08:30 PM

As has often been noted in this forum, the benchmarks listed on Geocaching.com (a dataset derived from the National Geodetic Survey data, ca. 2001) are only a subset of all the marks out there. There are many reasons why a mark is not in the database. You may find it helpful to read the information on the benchmarking home page, particularly the section, "I found a benchmark, but it isn't in your database. Why?"



Now I'm not one of the benchmark forum experts, but I hope this has answered your question. ArtMan, Z15, Evenfall, BlackDogTrackers, PFF, and others have vastly more insight to your question and I would welcome any corrections from them to explain this just a little clearer.


How did I do fellas?? :laughing:


- Mitch -

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Yes a property corner, probably Corner 3 of a U.S. Survey which are usually for tracts of land surveyed in metes and bounds format and done according to the Alaska Native Claims settlement act.


If you had lat and long we could probably pin it down a bit more, but not a benchmark in the classic sense.


- jlw

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