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Proximity Waypoint Vs. Waypoint?

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This is a great forum!


I am comparison shopping and trying to figure out if it is worth kicking in the extra $$ for a GPSMap 76 over an etrex Legend. I am a newbie to Geocaching, and the only difference I can really find between these two on the Garmin comparison page is that 76 has "Proximity Waypoints" whereas etrex Legend does not.


Does anyone know the difference or if I should really care about this at my level (novice)?




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From the manual:

The Proximity Waypoints Page allow you to designate waypoints that have alarm circles around them at specified distances.


For example, if you were to add a proximity alarm to the waypoint for a cache to say 1320 feet (which roughly a quarter mile), the GPS would notify you whenever you get within 1320 feet of the waypoint.


I use proximity waypoints in OziExplorer on my laptop to notify me when I get within a half mile of a cache if I'm going somewhere and there are some caches along the way I want to hunt.

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If you are considering the plain old 76, I would suggest going for the Legend, if you have extra $$ to spend and are thinking of the 76C/CS, different story (colour scree, compass, baro, more memory, better basemap). You can't go wrong with a Legend though!

Are you talking the 76 that was like the Vista but a better antanea or yet another older one? 76 Map and 76 maybe?


I swear the older ones get confusing!

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