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I see that at the bottom of the forums, they now have a link to "Waymarking", which is what would eventually replace Locationless caches.


This seems to be in a beta phase currently and only open to Premium members, but according to information/comments on the sight will be public in the near future.


I think, if well managed, from a South African perspective, we can do a lot of "advertising" for our country via this. Setting up categories/sub-categories, such as SA Game reserves, SA Backpacker hostels, and obviously places of interest for the tourists, would in my opining be very helpfull for any cacher visiting South Africa.


I see they also have a category for "Caching Tourist Guides" where people/companies can advertise to take newbies/visitors on local cache-hunt outings. I thing if each Province set up such a category, or if to small, maybe the whole country does it as a start, we can promote caching in South Africa even more.


Enough said for now, let me read some more...

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