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Category Proposal: Geopolitical Boundary Oddities

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OK - I understand that proposals are not being looked at right now but there is encouragement to float ideas so here goes. I would like to create a category, or possibly multiple categories, related to geopolitical boundary oddities. I would be interested to hear what people feel about whether this should be one or multiple categories. The kinds of geopolitical border oddities I have in mind include:

  • Tripoints- places where 3 (or more) countries/states/provinces etc. meet
  • Enclaves/Exclaves- territories on one country that are surrounded by another country, e.g. Llívia- Spanish territory surronded by France
  • Condominiums- territories administered by more than one sovereign nation, e.g. the small German/Luxembourg condomimum near the German/Luxembourg/France tripoint at Schengen
  • Historical territories where border markers still exist - e.g. Neutral Moresnet
  • Extreme borders - e.g. most northerly, westerly, southerly, easterly points on a national/state/provincial etc. border

Anyone think this is an interesting category or categories worth including?

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