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It is a National Park Service Marker, set for a reason they have, and they have the documentation for. They keep track of a number of different things in the Parks. Trails, erosion, special places... It could even be a TBM to aid a local construction detail such as a camp site, campsites often need to be planned where water wont be a problem and the type of camping in them may need further engineering. It is like millions of other survey markers. It means something but only to the people using it. It is not a Geocaching game piece.


If you like, You could write to the National Park Service and inquire about it. Be sure you provide them the designation, and the location coordinates when you inquire.


Good Luck,



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I'll echo Evenfall that it's a National Park Service mark. They have their own surveyors, and do things their own way for their own reasons. Only the NPS would know exactly what it's for. Other than that, the markings you provide indicate that PR-13 is probably number 13 in a series of Pictured Rocks marks. PIRO-NPS would indicate the owning agency - The PIctured ROcks monument of the National Parks Service. 1984 would be the date it was set.


- Kewaneh

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