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The Ashes Travel Bug Race - Who Fancies A Go?

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Tickets being on sale for the next Ashes from June 1, I figured it time to see whether it's time to re-plan the The Ashes TB Race and get it going before this year's season whitewash by [Australia or England] over [England or Australia].


(I for one pick the first options above :tired: )


Post your interest here.


Rather than the complex runs and wickets plan in place before, perhaps just looking at getting the entire team over the line into the other country will be the go.


- 11 TB's start in Australia, 11 in the UK.

- Each is destined to the other country initially.

- Each needs to make it's way through two other countries (I would suggest two other WCC cricket playing countries, but that may grind the game to a halt).


Other suggestions welcome.

We're still up for this :lol:

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We've got a pair of TBs running from the last glorious thrashing of the Aus..., sorry got side tracked there :laughing: , from the last series where miles travelled = runs and wickets are lost if the TBs are placed in caches starting with C, B, L, S, H or R - Caught, Bowled, LBW, Stumped, Handled Ball or Run Out. The winner will the TB with the most runs when they’re all out...

Maybe race with 11 TBs which gather runs until they're out "x" times in the other team's country (started by UK/Aus postal swap/scattering) - so more national effort then gets them out more times and faster, more planning keeps the runs down...

Definitely up for whatever version people go with anyway... :laughing:

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