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Unlisted Benchmarks

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I have come across a few benchmarks or what I believe to be bench marks and have recorded it's location to later look it up and take credit for finding it. In some cases I couldn't find the mark listed. Is there a way of reporting such a benchmark? Does anyone know how up to date those listings are?

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Hi, FancyWings:


I suspect this is one of the marks you saw but cannot find in the data base:




As noted in the Benchmarking FAQ, there are thousands of benchmarks which are not in the data base. There is no way to log them for scorekeeping purposes. However, if you see an interesting one, you can reference it on GEOCACHING.COM via a nearby mark--as was done with the disk pictured above.


Best regards,

Paul, Raleigh, North Carolina

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New York State


Do Not Damage...


Gotta love reverse psychology...


Proof of what an old acquaintance from NY,NY told me years ago. You can always tell a New Yorker, But you can't tell them much. In fact , if you wait, they may tell you.


He was right, He was telling me. It makes the damage appear to be a self fulfilling prophecy...



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