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Location Format In The 60cs

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I thought I'd read about a technique to change location formats on the fly, without going through the menus for the 60CS. What I'm looking for is a button or button series to change from Lat/Long to UTM and then to change back to Lat/Long. I realize I could go in to the menu system and make the change, but I'm looking for a quick change without going through all of that.

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I've never heard of that before. Then again, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible.


If it's not possible, or nobody here can tell you how to do it, there is another way to view both on the fly. You could change your GPSr's preference setting to show UTM. Then, on your Trip Computer page, change your data fields to show both "Location (Selected)" and "Location (Lat/Lon)". "Selected" will show your position in the format of your preference selection (UTM), and Lat/Lon will of course show your position in latitude & longitude.

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