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Lowrance Mapcreate Topo


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Last year I used MapCreate 6.2 & 6.3, but not the topo version. I wasn't impressed with the quality/accuracy of the street data. It was adequate, but not particularly better than Magellan's MapSend.


But elsewhere online, I noticed briansnat remarked that Lowrance's Mapcreate Topo software is "the best topo software I've seen for a GPS."


I'd be interested in hearing from Brian (and others) who have used to know how Lowrance's topo product compares to the offerings from Magellan & Garmin.

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The detail is far better than Gargellans. I like the way it shows streets, streams and contour lines. They are easily distiuguisable from each other. Not so with Mapsource unless you're using a color unit. Like Magellan's, it has all (or at least most) street names. I don't know for a fact, but it looks like it might 1:50000. Also the POI, business and services database is nice to have.

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This information was posted in Yahoo! iFinder Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ifinder_gps/ , message #1228):


"This is a response from Lowrance on the differences between 6.2 and 6.3.


Thank you for your inquiry. The difference between MapCreate 6.2 and

6.3 (USA and Topo) are the addition of POI’s and new user interface.

The difference between 6.3 USA and 6.3 Topo is the added topography. The

Topography maps will show elevation lines on a scale of 1:50K.


Thank you for choosing Lowrance.


Lowrance Customer Service

12000 E. Skelly Dr.

Tulsa, OK 74128"

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I used the typo version for awhile and it has a few times saved me from taking a route that would have lead me right to a cliff or very step hill which I would not want to climb up or down.


As far as accuracy only in a few places did I notice where there were inaccuracies. Eugene, Texas, and Pensacola FL. While I was on a road the GPS showed me that I was 10+ feet off the road. This was not for all the roads in the two cities, just a few. Do not know if this had to do with the map being off or the GPS unit interpreting the satellite signal in an ODD way.

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