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Garmin V And Distance To Next

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Hi all. My husband and I are just getting back into geocaching. Went out this weekend and found two caches. We are confused though. On the Garmin V, why does the distance to next show an incorrect distance? When we found the caches, the distance to next was completely off. I'm sure it's something we did wrong, but can't figure it out.



Gabwp and Rdut

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Distance to next refers to the next turn in a route. If you select a destination and choose Go To, the GPS V will calculate a route. As you navigate that route, it will display the distance to next, distance to final, and/or other information as you wish. This is primarily, if not exclusively, for on road navigation.

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It is not a matter of ignoring something. In my experience, Geocaching is primarily an off-road process after one reaches a suitable parking area. You can use the GPS -V to route you to a predetermined parking area near the cache. Then switch the routing preference to Off-Road and walk to the cache. In the navigation page, you will have a compass with an arrow pointing you in the direction of the cache as long as you keep moving.

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Now I see the problem.


When you use the GPS to route you to the cache, it routes you to the nearest road (that it knows about) by the cache. That may or may not have anything to do with the service road you just drove on on that put you within 100' of the cache.


So like appletree says. When you are where you are going to park or where the map no longer works for you, hit Menu, then Recalculate. From there select off road and follow the pointer. (This shortcut won't work when it's on a turn screen, but it works all other times).

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