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Tb Logging Etiquette

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I have a variation on a TB Hotel. It's a TB Exchange where you would take a tb only if you where leaving one.


My question is:

Is it acceptable to virtually log a tb. Someone has done this at my cache. Basically posted a note stating they didn't move the TB because they couldn't move it along for it's mission but they did log it as a find at the TB page. (Made a grab then drop in same cache).


I have been debating weither to contact the owner of the TB to see if they would be willing to delete the log/stat for that player.

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I think that rules that keep TB in a cache are counterproductive, and you might consider removing the rules from the 'prison'. Not only is it counter productive, your wishes are likely in direct opposition to those of the TB owner who wants their TB to move any time it can.


Logging a TB out and then back into the same cache without moving isn't punishable.

'counting cou' or 'gang logging' a TB at an event seems pointless, but someone will rightfully point out out that its 'TB found' not TB moved :rolleyes:


If the owner isn't concerned I wouldn't bother contacting them (they already got an email noticed when it was logged).

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This sounds like two unrelated questions:


1. Some TB Hotels have stated rules like this (don't take a TB unless you leave one). I think these rules are generally disliked. As a TB owner, I'd like my TB to move, whether or not the cacher has a TB to leave.


2. How does this affect you? If they visited your cache, (which I guess they must have to get the TB number?) then they are treating this as a "found" TB. Does this hurt?


(I'm not a big fan of "ignore the rules, the rule-breakers don't hurt you", but is this even breaking any rule?)

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At our recent SEPAG picnic I noticed a cacher writing down all the TB numbers from the table. He logged a find on one of the bugs we eventually brought home. Obviously he had his hand on each bug .... but did nothing towards their goals. I learned my lesson long ago to just shut up and to play the game the way I thought fair. I've read about this practice of grabbing bug tag numbers here on the forum ..... which is why we do not post tag pictures with the number showing. At events I would rather personally hand over a TB to another cacher just to avoid this. At this event we also E-mailed fellow attending cachers in advance and asked for specific bugs that we felt worthy of us grabbing.


So ..... Stuff happens. There is no prize given for most bugs touched that I know of ... so just "forgetaboutit". Don't loose any sleep over it! :rolleyes: ImpalaBob

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I don't see anything wrong with it, heck they might have taken the tb out of the cache and walked around with it then but it back in. At least they didnt do like I probably would have if I didn't have a tb with me and I could help the tb on its mission is just to go ahead and take it. TB hotel or TB exchange if it has a can only take if rule then its a tb prison. The tbs are not yours they belong to the person that released them. And yes I have to tbs in my possession at the moment but one of them is in a cache I just put out but it hasn't been submitted for approval yet my puzzle had a couple kinks in it that are being worked out, the other I've still got so I can show a friend that I'm trying to get involved in geocaching.

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... But this is a city bus argument: it comes around about every fifteen minutes.

Yes, and it's usually full of strange, disreputable characters.


I say fie on all TB prisons! TBs are not trade articles! Free the bugs!


:rolleyes: That gives me a great idea for my next TB! :unsure:


Driver, please let me off by that hardware store.


AFTERTHOUGHT: What's the problem with virtually logging a TB in a TB prison? You left a bug; you took a bug--it just happens to be the same one. You have not reduced the population of bugs in the cache.

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