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"classic" Caches?

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Being quite the newbie, I was wondering if there are any caches that are considered "classics" within the community? Is there a 'Mt. Everest' of caches? Are there areas of the world that are known for specifically good or aventurous caching? Obviously, the idea of a cache is to be hidden and 'fame' sort of works against that concept. But still, there must be some that stand above the rest....


This game is yet another reason to get out there and see the world!

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Off the top of my head, Any of the three remaining Project APE caches, the Un-Original cache just outside Portland, Oregon at the general location of the world's first geocache, Mingo in Western Kansas (longest running and still active cache), DON'T PANIC #15 - Heart of Gold , any extreme terrain cache such as Tahosa's Chef's Special and Dessert, or any of a few dozen 3+ year old caches that have yet to be found - most in extreme locations such as deep under the ocean, high atop mountains, or at extreme elements such as the poles. Oh yes, and Snoogan's Quantum Leap cache!!


Of all of the above, the only we have found was Mingo - and that by more luck than anything. It was our 8th find overall and we had no clue as to what it's history was until well after we logged our find. Good luck!

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this might be a good question for the regional forums. when you're planning to be in a certain part of the country, shoot this question to the particular forum. i am located in a very cache-dense area, one that is roughly divided by four different states (five, if you count north and south jersey as seperate kingdoms! :rolleyes: ) i know that each one of these local caching communities have their own versions of "must do" caches, and they are all top-notch caches, whether for being great beginner's caches, intense physical or psychological challenges, mind-bending puzzle challenges, or just plain sticking around forever. it would be really neat to have a sticky at the top of each regional forum, so travelers to each region could always access an up-to-date list.

another alternative would be to check local caching communities' own websites. my local caching community maintains such a list on their homepage, and a traveler to this area could easily access a shortlist of regional "classics" here.

i will probably never get to some caches that are considered famous by national standards, mostly because i am not otherwise interested in some areas, but there are many, many "must-do" caches in areas i want to travel to for other reasons.

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