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Member Caches

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They show up in all of the search results and PQ's.


They are denoted with a little small_profile.gif icon on the search pages.


Also, if you notice This one, the first thing it says is:


This is a subscriber-only cache.


on the page.


They just blend in. Because you are a premium member, you can open them. If you weren't, it would block you when you click on it.


Hope that helps.

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No, there's about two dozen Members Only Caches within 35 miles of the first cache hidden by the OP. Assuming that a geocacher usually hides their first cache close to home, rather than 50 miles away, that's plenty of MOC's to go hunt for. If you're still having trouble finding them, do what I did: run a pocket query in preview mode, centered on your first cache (or your home coordinates, which of course I don't know), and the only other filter criterion is "Are for Members Only."

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