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What Kind Of Data Can You See About A Cache Move?

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Brand new to this/this forum.


Curious what kind of data you can see online about a cache.


ie, when a specific one is supposed to move east for instance - what info can you see about it's move? I take it you can obviously see where it is *now*, but can you still see where it *was* and how it moved? ie can you tell if it travelled in a car @ 127kmh ESE for 2hours 5mins & 22seconds? just wondering how detailed of tracking data you can view online about these little things.

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Caches for the most part don't move. There are a few exceptions but they are not the norm.


The cache isn't tracked. The coordinates are put on the page by the hider. It isn't an active thing.


There are a few caches that are APRS enabled that can be tracked actively but you have to go to an off site link for them. They also are not the norm.


If you want to find out what caching is about you might sign in to your local regional forum and see if you can tag along with an established cacher.

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Even so they don't have a tracking device on them.


The one APRS cache I know of is temporarily disabled.

re: travel bugs/coins - no tracking ability? i thought that was the point of them.



nah, nothing to do with geocaching really. just wanted to know if the bugs/coins could be used in different applications... ie if i carried one, could i then view my path online as well as other trajectory/acceleration/velocity data etc.

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Travel Bugs are just dog tags attached to an object of your choosing.


If you carry your GPS with you then you can have access to all that stuff you want. Path=track


Trajectory can be found as an instantaneous altitude. You would have to do your own math.

Same with acceleration.

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