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Member Needs A Map!

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hi, i am very new to geocaching, i have become a member and cannot still find a map for the caches i am trying to find. Even when i map it i only see the caches? What is the easiest way for me to find a map of the surrounding area of the cache close up, including surrounding streets, parks etc? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanyou!!!


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Yes the cache page should provide you with all the mapping detail you need to find the cache.


Also, sounds like your GPS doesn't have mapping capability. Get one that maps, and all that detail will appear right on the unit's display so you'll be able to see that important detail exactly when you need to see it. Mapping GPSr's start at pretty reasonable prices.

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Your profile reads "spearwood w.a" which means Western Australia I guess.


The Geocaching.com maps don't work outside the US, you only see a grey background. The other maps (Mapquest and Microsoft MapPoint) work only at medium detail level, if you try to zoom in you get a "No data available" message.


Jeremy promised last year to add better maps for the rest of the world: Adding Updated Maps Soon, Improved (outside US) Maps.

But nothing happened. :rolleyes:


Maybe you should ask in a local forum how the cachers in your country handle this problem.




Look at the maps for this cache (try to zoom in) and you can see the problem: GCJXG2


Edit: example added

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