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Explorist Mounts

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It is very easy to make a Magellan cradle attach to a RAM. The first time I did it, I used the Magellan bike mount and attached it to the RAM with no modifications, but it was only attached with one bolt.


So... I marked the four holes from the Magellan cradle onto the RAM, and drilled out corresponding holes. I even used the same hardware and screwed the Magellan cradle to the RAM.


Historically, I've been unimpressed with RAM cradles (but their mounting hardware is second-to-none) so I wasn't interested in waiting.



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I have the winshield suction cup mount and Im very happy with it. It is flexible and also has swivel on the part that hold the GPS'r. So far I am very happy with it. I bought it on ebay for about $24 I think. It has the hole for the powercable in the back that you can clip the cable to.

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A universal mount may work fine for you, but before we sign off let me make sure you are aware of one big advantage of the Magellan mounts: they will hold a power cable in them so it is very easy to clip the GPS in and out without having to screw the cable in. This makes it easy to use external power in the car.

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