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Reverse Cache Search

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How do I search for reverse caches? If I do a pocket query it only gives me caches within 500 miles of me which is only about 4 or 5. Is there any way to find more without picking them one at a time from other users. I have about 90 on GSAK now but lookind for more. How many diffrent reverse caches are there?




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Wow you mean to say there are only 4 or 5 caches within a 500 mile radius of your location?


My area isn't the most cache-dense area either, but there are over 500 caches within 85 miles of me (Southern Ontario Canada). Pocket queries are limited to 500 caches max, is there a 500 mile radius limit? Never heard of that..


You can increase your scan radius to get a higher cache count, but how far are you willing to travel to seek out tupperware?

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