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:o Perhaps it is opportune to give a reminder of our local guidelines as to gradings:


Terrain difficulty: 1*- Tarmac; 2* - Track passable to 2WD; 3* - 4WD required; 4* - Challenging 4WD; 5* - Expedition desert driving.


Overall difficulty: 1* - Open for all to see; 2* - Covered from view but obvious to a geocacher; 3* - Requires a bit of looking. 4* - Requires a lot of looking or out of the box thinking, 5* - A wee stonker.


Please note when writing up a cache to consider the summer-bagger and if a person might be expected to be away from their vehicle for more than 15 minutes then you should consider a warning as to the need to carry water particularly if geoathleteing is required.


This local interpretation avoids a considerable number of our caches have a total difficulty rating of 8* or more using the more conventional grading systems. Experience has shown that such high-and-tight gradings offer less than useful guidance to the baggers as to what they are in for.


M of M&Ms

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