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Hawaii Caching

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I was on both Oahu and Maui last year with my family and my favorite Oahu cache had to be Hawks Nest (GCH8QX) on the north shore. While accomplishing that one I saw the location shoot and "plane crash" for the ABC series Lost! A great hike/scramble and fabulous view.

The Diamond Head caches are worthwhile, too.


On Maui, I didn't score too many, but Cliff's Edge was an easy pickup, as was Grandma's Idea on the Kihei/Waimea coastline. But the best Maui one I know of is Cold Hard Cache which at the moment is archived. It's a short distance into the Road to Hana tour (get the CD guide) and comprises an easy hike to a series of four waterfalls. We only managed half of the trail, but my family (five kids ranging, at the time, from 15 to 2) had a fabulous time hiking through the bamboo and up and over the waterfalls. It was a great adventure my kids still talk about even without making it to the cache. The trek is described in some Hawaii guidebooks as well as on the cache page.


Have a great time in Hawaii! Or if you've already returned, hope you HAD a great time. :ph34r:

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I enjoyed "Kokee-cache" (GCP080) a lot. Of course I was co-FTF with Honupohaku on that one! :blink: In the same area would be "Leap of Faith" (GCE332) which is a perfect place for a sunset picnic. Stunning views from there.


Popular and fun in Waikiki would be "Bunker Hill"(GCG3EE) and "Sands of Waikiki" (GCJ162)


On the windward side of Oahu, one of my favorites is "Park Your Horse Here" (GC48C4) located in a beautiful park where you could spend all day (but take the bug spray!)


On Maui, my most memorable cache was "Fish Bowl"(GC42C4). A mile or so walk over a black lava rock trail to an amazing snorkling spot. It seems that a lot of parking nearby has been eliminated so the actual walk to this cache is now longer than the one mile I did.


All the caches I have mentioned are not extremely difficult or too muddy. Some good jogging/walking shoes will do. If you are into something a bit more adventurous, you are welcome to email me with specifics and I will try to help you out with further suggestions.



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