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  1. Last month I went through every repeater I know of from the Palm Canyon Campground. The only one I could bring up at all was the .73 machine on Palomar, but I wasn't in to it well enough to communicate. I couldn't bring up the Borrego one at all. I've heard it is at the airport and I could hear all the airplanes on the ground there so I don't think the repeater was working. I've only talked to others out there on simplex. Most offroaders hang out on 146.55, I think. But I've always had good luck working Hf from there. Barry W6YDK I've used the Monument Peak repeater in the southern part of the park. Lyons Peak in locations, too - 146.265 Jim W9JIM
  2. Thanks everyone for the nice replies and comments! Geocachers are great people! It's my privilege to count you all as friends. Jim/W9JIM
  3. Today (February 1st) is my 10th anniversary geocaching! My very first find was Powder Can Cache in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Unfortunately, it was a casualty to the park's no cache policy and was removed. It would have been nice to revisit it today. Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to geocaching.com and to all my "geobuddies" for a great ten years! Jim/W9JIM
  4. ABDSP stopped getting any of my money when they sent out thieves to remove geocaches from the park a couple of years ago. This is just another attempt to alienate law abiding tax payers. It's a shame that one incident was enough to "outlaw" geocaches.
  5. I cache mostly in the desert and found, like others, that a stick is very helpful. I'd also recommend you carry a small pocket comb in your first aid kit (you'll be carrying a first aid kit, won't you?). Jumping Cholla cactus are very difficult to remove. The comb helps get a grip. Of course, pliers work too. I'd also recommend you carry "The Ten Essentials" with you in the car. If you are unfamiliar with the list, a Google search will be helpful. Carry extra water, both for you AND the vehicle. Rattlesnake encounters are rare, especially in the heat of the day, but be careful while poking around in the rocks, where they could be hiding. Contrary to popular belief, rattlesnake do not always rattle before striking. Leave the tarantulas alone. They are harmless, but can inflict a very painful bite. As far as clothing, there are several camps as to which is best. I prefer to hike in shorts and a cotton tee shirt. The cotton shirt hold your sweat and helps to keep you cool. Other like synthetic clothes, and I do use them on occasion, but find that in high heat I stay cooler in loose fitting cotton. Long pants can be helpful if you find yourself in vegetation. Enjoy yourself. The desert is a wonderful place. Just don't tell other people! :-) Jim/W9JIM
  6. Need Help/Opinion: With REI ready to release their dividend checks next week, I'm shopping for a GPS and am looking at the Garmin Oregon 550t. I'm looking for real-world mini-reviews from people that own this unit. What are your thought, likes, dislikes? It seems this GPS is loved or hated. Thanks! - Jim/W9JIM
  7. Also, the GPS in the iPhone seems to respond better to very slow movement.
  8. the camera feature look interesting, especially with the geotagging of the photos. Yes, it's probably not the best camera, but that's not what it's built for. Since I can't afford to upgrade my Canon 40D to their version with built in GPS for $8,000, this is a good way to geotag my photos. I can see using it to take a quick snapshot of the scene I just photographed with my DSLR to record location. I'm still using the 60cs and getting a GPS that'll hold more than 1,000 caches has been something on my want list for a long time. Anyone know if it'll take Garmin's older City Select maps? If the 400T will, I expect the 550T will too, but have not even confirmed that on the 400T yet.
  9. No, I haven't. I called them though and complained. The guy I talked to said they were working hard on the magazine and was going to mail another issue soon. Soon has long since passed. My sister subscribed as well, but called them and got a refund.
  10. I did receive the premier issue, which actually looked pretty good. But I haven't heard a peep out of them since. I just wrote the publisher and the editor. If I don't get a response in a timely manner, I'm considering a call to the BBB.
  11. W9JIM

    Geocaching Stats

    Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to see how many geocaches there were a a given date?
  12. W9JIM

    Geocaching Stats

    Is there some way to see how many geocachers/caches there ware on a specific date? I found my first cache on February 1, 2001 and would like to know how people people were geocaching back then. Jim - W9JIM
  13. I'm 50 and I still lead climb 5.10 and mountain bike. Caching since 2/2001.
  14. I'm complaining about the guy who claims that the coordinates to my cache is off even though 560 people found it before he did with no problems at all!
  15. Posted this in the SD Thread too. We all know the Fattboy had a bit of a problem in the sand on Saturday. That evening he claimed that he was, in fact, NOT stuck. I have video that proves that he wasn't. . And a photo. Jim - W9JIM
  16. I have proof that Fattboy was, indeed, not actually stuck the other day at the CITO event. YouTube link to And photo Jim - W9JIM
  17. I'm headed to Anza-Borrego this weekend. Leaving Friday after "work" and returning Sunday afternoon. I'll be in a white Ranger (with lumber racks). Plates same as forum/geocaching name. Will be camping first night in Motrero Canyon and heading toward Oriflame Canyon on Saturday. Maybe I'll see you out there! Jim W9JIM
  18. Can't really help out much, since I live so far away, but would attend!
  19. You are lucky to have such a devoted "Motivator" to go caching with! I cache alone and have just now, after almost 4 1/2 years of caching, topped 220. Jim
  20. I was on Maui about 18 months ago and did a bit of caching. Nothing really pops to mind about being a "must do". Kauai, though, is another matter altogether. Jim W9JIM
  21. Here's a shot of a baby one I found by my back door last year. Jim
  22. I ran into Vagabond at the SoCal Geocacher's picnic last year. I think he lives in the Elsinore area now. Stork has a website at SuperStork. Not sure if he's been caching or not. Jim
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