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Direct Route Or Topo 3d????

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i have been using my meridian gold with topo usa 4.20 for quite awhile and am really sick of the topo being off and the streets being off in almost every town. I want to upgrade to either direct route or topo 3D, but im not sure if i am wasting my money trying to improve my maps. has anyone used both? can i upload maps from DR and topo soft onto a SD card and change map types while on the go?

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Maps are significantly improved; I would even say they're pretty good. Instead of the old public domain TIGER database that Topo and Streets & Destinations used, Topo3D and DirectRoute use the near-current NavTech database (same as Garmin).


Since both use essentially the same street data, (T3D *might* be a year newer, while DR is overdue for its "annual" update), you may have to choose between the topo data vs. the autorouting capability of DR. I find the autorouting valuable enough that I would give it the nod for anyone that might be able to use it.


You can indeed switch between detail maps from either program in the field. Since you already have Topo, I'd suggest getting DR and using the two of them--that seemed to work for me well enough until I got an explorist and had to get T3D for topo data. That gives one the street accuracy of DR plus the contour lines, etc. if and when it is desired. If Topo still bugs you enough, you could also move over to T3D.


If you have little or no interest in autorouting, T3D would be the clear choice.

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does anyone know if directroute or topo 3d has the bouy or water markers info built into it near the ocean shore, if you switch to water use with the new explorist? I know the old mapsend streets and trips use to have it.


thanks in advance.

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