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Nearest Cache Page Update

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At 2:30PM PST we switched over to the newest version of the nearest cache page. It has a bunch of new options available that I think you'll appreciate.


For example:


1. Lat/Lon in 3 different coordinate formats

2. The ability to filter your finds and hides from your results list

3. Your ability to filter by cache type (e.g. Traditional Caches Only)

4. Display improved for easier reading (I hope!)


I've been fixing bugs over the last week and believe the code is pretty solid. It should be backwards compatible with old links and it has been tested on Netscape 4.5. It is also significantly faster over the new version due to some in-memory tricks.


Post to the Geocaching.com discussion forums if you notice any odd behavior. Thanks!


frog.gif Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location™

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