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Suggestion For Front Page

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I was just putting myself in a landowner's shoes and thought that if I found a cache on my property, that was not supposed to be there, and I came to GC.com to look into it, there is not an easy way for these people to report the cache problem. I know that there is an area in the "contact us" link for people to do that but not everyone is going to find it.


I was just thinking that maybe a little blurb could be right under the gc.com logo stating someting like.. "IF YOU HAVE FOUND A CACHE BY ACCIDENT, AND IT IS PLACED THERE WITHOUT PERMISSION,.. CLICK HERE.... " or something like that..


Then it would take them to a page or email link that they could easily report the problem.


Some people may find a cache and go to the site to only be confused on what to do and just bash the idea of the game.. I was just thinking that maybe it should be made easy for this type of person in case it does happen.


Just was thinking of this for the better of the sport, that's all... what you do with it is up to you! :anibad:

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