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how long does it take to get cache approval?

Guest yippeekyaa

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Guest yippeekyaa

I posted my first two caches on Easter Sunday. Since i'm new to this I had trouble entering the coordinates correctly. Shortly after posting I recieved an e-mail from Jeremy asking for the correct coordinates which I promptly sent. On Thursday I sent a follow-up message to see what the hold up was. I have yet to get a reply!!! Dont get me wrong I appreciate what Jeremy is doing and know it is alot of work but a reply will be nice. I know this was my mistake but is one week too long to get a cache approved for others to see?

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Guest yippeekyaa

I just registered on groudspeak. But this shouldnt have anything to do with the problems I'm having on geocaching.com. Only reason I posted it here is to maybe get Jeremy's attention since he isnt responding to my e-mails.

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Guest Paul Lamble

I've posted three caches on this site. (I am also registered, but I don't know if that should matter.)


My postings were available almost instantly. Certainly by the time I was finished entering the third cache details, the first one was already online and available to the world.


I suspect your problem was just a fluke. I think this whole site is astonishing. It's all done with volunteer time, isn't it?



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Guest metro

I have posted two hidden caches and both were listed within minutes of posting. I had even forgot to put my state in on the second one, and Jeremy fixed that for me the same afternoon. All my caching friends share my experiences, I can't speak highly enough about this site's voulunteers. I am sure that your problem is an anomaly. However, I can imagine how frustrated you feel. You want that cache listed.



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Guest yippeekyaa

Thanks Jeremy, I just recieved your e-mail confirming approval of the caches. Again, I am sorry for using this forumn in this manner and will do better when posting other caches.

Keep up the GREAT work.

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