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Kodiac bear
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I'm also new to this.

I went on my first cach mission today and came up empty handed although I did enjoy my self being outside. I also was disoppinted because I couln't find the cache.

Maybe if I could jion a club, or somebody tell me my prblems I would enjoy it more. Oh yea, is the manual in some forien langage or what?

I figure some of it out, but I can't put the cornates in. Just bouht the legend. Please help Kodiac Bear in N 42 08.396 W72 30.076


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First off stick with it! I didn't find the cache my first time out either. It takes some time to get comfortable with the GPS and to develop a knack for the searching. A month later I'm finding myself getting better and better. Like any sport/hobby I guess practice helps.


It's pretty easy to enter in waypoints. If you weren't able to enter the waypoints for the cache how did you even go looking for it? I've gotten into using easygps to download coordinates right into my venture since it's so fast. The Legend comes with a data cable so you should try this option as well.


If you want step by step help with your gps email me and if your online with aim or msn messanger etc I'll run you through it step by step to get you started.



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Everyone has been in your position, some of us not very long ago. My advise is to find someone who has been doing this for a while and tag along on some of his hunts to learn some of the strategies. I was lucky in that my brother-in-law got me started and went with me on several of the first caches that I searched for. After a while you get so that you can see where a cache probably would be once you get close. You will find out that many caches coordinates dont seem to be correct. There are many things that can effect accuracy. Time of day. Tree cover and rocks are some factors that effect how close you get with your GPS. If you want immediate success start out by going after the 1 1 caches and work up.


Lost? keep going. You're making good time anyway!!

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I echo Night Stalker's advise. I tagged along with a college bud on my first hunt and he really gave me points about the GPS (like don't mind the arrow as long as the distance is going down, etc) I tried to plan a cache hunt by reading the whole history of logs for the cache and using the clue. And like Night Stalker said..try the easy rated ones 1/1 and work up to a higher rating. Oh...and from my experience...watch the daylight and be prepared (esp. now as fall settles in).


I would also encourage you to download and use easyGPS...works great with my Garmin eMap

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In Wisconsin, we have our own website where we can post "looking for someone to cache with". If a cacher is going to be in a particular area and would like company, then they would post a message telling where and when, and try to get a group together.


The one question I have is that you have not posted your location. If you had, then we could direct you to groups in your area.

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Barondriver has the right idea....


My first adventure was to go to large open area (school grounds) mark a spot on ground.... "Mark" waypoint entry into GPS....


Walk a long way away and let GPS lead me to spot, did it several times taking different routes (wandered around abit- not a direct line) to see how GPS unit would direct me....


Maybe a large city park as a "wilderness" use a drinking fountian for your way point (or something).


The key is to find out how GPSr reacts to your travels....


Had no problem going to my first 5 caches...





I'm Diagonally Parked, In A Parallel Universe.


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