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Cache Squirrel -


Five for five on your first day - a very good start. And I note that three of your finds were "first time finds" (for Geocaching). Very well done.


I hope you realize that you are exposing your daughter to an addictive activity. Fortunately, it's a healthy and educational addiction.


Welcome to the community. Hope you have many more good days.



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CS -


Common problem - there are gazillions of benchmarks that are not in the Geocaching database, and a few less than a gazillion that are not in the NGS database (because the NGS has been adding benchmarks to its database while the Geocaching database has been/remains static).


When I find a mark that doesn't seem to be in the Geocaching database, I record its coordinates and run a radial search on those coordinates. If no likely looking mark shows up in the Geocaching database, I do a radial search in the NGS database. Occasionally the mark shows up, usually it doesn't. That is, it usually turns out to be a "no-PID".


If the mark is not in the Geocaching database, you can append its info to the nearest mark with a PID, but you cannot log it as found.






p.s. alternatively, you can search the NGS database by "designation", i.e. 5902 C

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USPSQD strikes again!!


And it was found by one of our brand-new participants!


I know we agreed not to bash and trash the PSQD, but it's difficult not to have a little fun at their expense, occasionally. :unsure:



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The disc just has 5902 C, The discription sounds like it is the right one but I was just wondering on the designation. Thanks.



Looks right to me. By the way, congrats on getting nine finds in a two-day period--including Mother's Day!




WARNING. This vehicle breaks for benchmarks.

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Yes, addiction has set in. Doesn't it feel good? Don't fight it. :-)


You Might be Addicted to Benchmarking If:


1) You think, "I could squeeze one or two in Saturday morning before anyone else gets up."


2) You say: "Hon, haven't you always wanted a metal-detector for Christmas?" You think: "YES!"


3) You get really teed-off when Team Tuxawuxa or PFF log a benchmark right before you.


4) "Hey, kids, who wants to go to the Hoover Dam this summer?"


5) It's a 3 hour drive each way to the nearest PID you haven't found.


6) Cheryl and Deb at NGS put your email address in their spam-blockers.

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That's great, speaking of the Hoover Dam, I'm going to Vegas in November. I guess I'll be dragging the family out to see the benchmarks...ah, I mean sights. ;)


Oh, I also forgot to mention I also found the Cape May water tower on Sunday, just logged it in.




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