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2 people have been kind enough to rate my most memorable caches bookmark, which was good of them, Thanks.


But the only way that you know who left the rating is if they include it in their comments, otherwise you don't know who has left it.


Surely it would be good if you could tell who left it, espescially if someone decided to say something nasty, you wouldn't know who it was.


What do other people think??

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Probably is anonymous for this very reason - so people won't be afraid to leave <ahem> 'honest' comments...

I agree, but if someone wants to leave an honest comment, then they should do it openly.


Everything else on GC.com is open, and it hasn't stopped people from posting honest comments.


What worries me, is that people could put things such as a truly disgusting comment, and as the owner of the bookmark, you don't know it has been left until you take a look, and you have no power of editing it either, unlike a cache page for example.

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