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Naming Travel Bugs


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Okay, this should maybe be in the 'Newbie' section, I'm not sure... sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.


I just have a couple of questions about naming travel bugs.


1. Is the name supposed to be related to what the object actually is, or could it be anything? For instance, could I call a travel bug after the name of the place it originated from?


2. Do TB names have to be all one word, or can you put spaces and other characters in?


And finally,

3. If someone else has already named a travel bug e.g. 'Purple' - could I call mine Purple, or do I have to pick a unique name?


Any help would be appreciated!

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Because why take the time to look up six thousand name combinations when all you want to do is name your travel bug "Big Red Car" or something. Grandioso Rouge Automobile doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Yep your right I was thinking that it might give a few idea's

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