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Keith Watson

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Last year several cachers participated in a 24 hour marathon through the Orillia and Barrie area. A few days ago it was brought to my attention that we had caused so much damage to a cache area by our numbers, the land owner had the cache owner remove the cache.


First of all let me start by saying, if any damage was caused by our adventure, I will the first to apologize for any problems we may have caused. That being said, I don’t seem to remember visiting any caches in that destructive of a manner. After a check on the chaches we did visit, and the log postings after our visit I have found the following.


Of the 43 caches visited, 4 have been archived. GCG7PC - Kahshe Barrens Cache – missing, GCK6ME - Niss' Cache O' Fun Version (Sigh) 3 – raided, GCK87B - Niss' Super-De-Duper Multicache (O' Fun) – missing, and GCK612 - Fern's On Fire! – removed. The only cache that was removed was Fern's On Fire! I know why that cache was removed, and it wasn’t for out traffic. Read the logs and come to your own conclusion.


If I am wrong in my assumptions please feel free to let me know what cache there was a problem with, and what we did, so we can avoid problems like this in the future.

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I recall following the postings for the Lord Simcoe cache-athon. I also know that almost all of my caches in the Innisfil and Barrie area were visited as part of the trek.


Just for the record, and for what its worth, I did not notice any adverse effects for any of the caches I placed, and at least 3 of my caches involved in the run are in places which would be volatile to incosiderate hikers and senseless over-bushwhacking.


Naturally I cannot comment on caches that I do not maintain, but from my point of view, all due respect was shown.

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