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Paper Trail Or Pda

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No, just to get rid of the nag screen.  Everything works on the unregistered version, but you get nagged to register.  Pretty common paradigm for shareware.

LOL. Lately, I have utilized neither a PDA or a cache page print out. :) This method has been relatively stress-free, and makes caching a bit more fun! I mentioned it on a couple of logged finds this week, like on this fun puzzle multi and on this fun micro cache.


Now, I do not plan on continuing the practice of not taking along some form of cache page (PDA or paper) indefinately, but I have enjoyed it enough to form the opinion the PDAless and Paperless method is certainly woth giving a try.


I still use the LOC files to upload my GPSr, though. I HATE nugging in waypoints on the GPSr...

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Mister low tech here. I started out using a paper copy and now I have a big file with my notes on the sheets, the day I found the cache, the number of caches to date, what I took and left. Being a stubborn sort, I now insist on keeping my files even though I have been exposed to the more efficient palm pilot method. It's a trade off of hard copy mementos versus maximum efficiency high tech. Ah! The memories! Personally, I do not fault either method as they both have advantages. My way requires no batteries. So there.

My 3-ring binder continues to grow. I now have an archive binder. It's always fun to flip through the pages and review my notes from days gone by. Some pages are even wrinkled and ink run from my water jug leaking in my backpack.... ah the memories. I must agree. Not to mention it folds down much smaller than a PDA and weights a whole lot less! That would be the sheet of paper of course. Not the binder


Hash: SHA1


Actually, for me it was the gigantic size of the three-ring binder

that finally pushed me over the edge to (almost completely)

paperless. All those dead trees. I do occasionally print out aerial

photos of unfamiliar areas, especially when traveling.


I use a Mac, and I have a "Folder Actions" script set up that unzips

the Geocaching .zip files on arrival, converts them to CacheMate

format via GPSBabel, and sends them to the Palm for upload the next

hotsync. It also FTPs a copy so I can download updates to the Palm on

the road if I want. I have a separate script that I run manually to

format and upload the latest waypoints to my Magellan Platinum, via a

FileMaker database and MacGPS Pro.


I use the Filemaker database to track my historical cache finds, and

it gets synced to jFile on the Palm. It was a solution I rolled

myself before CacheMate came along.


If any Mac users out there are interested, I would be happy to send

you the info and scripts.



Team Shredded Bark



Version: PGP 8.1






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