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What Are These Earthcaches?

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I have found on the lists that there are 2 in Texas and probably many more around. The caches I am looking at are GCMTWY and GCMG0T.


What are these? Are they new? What are the requirements to place one? Any information some of you may have would be helpful. I looked in the cache description page and did not find reference to this.

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I found out about these when I was running the ideal of a virtual cache by my approver. The approvers basically said my ideal does not meet the Wow factor to be a virtual but would make a very good earthcache. These caches are approved by a geological society. They must be educational and related to geology or earth science. The site I had in mind was actually a cultural site, they actually showed me an example of a cultural site that was related to geology. Soon as the snow melts and I can get out to my site I plan on doing the same.

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The question seems answered but I will add my comments as well. I have authored 5 Earthaches so far and I am waiting for a sixth one. I also help provide guidelines to the Earthcache Master (Geoaware).


Earthcaches are a virtual cache with a geosciences theme. Many of them are located in parks that would otherwise not be available to cachers.


Earthcaches were developed as a new cache type about a year ago but they really didn't start getting listed until last summer. There are about 75 Earthcaches currently.


The requirements to place an Earthcache are listed at www.earthcache.org. The criteria generally consists of: earth sciences related, educational, virtual cache, and must go through the approval process at www.earthcache.org. Once approved there it is forwarded to www.geocaching.com for listing.


We are still waiting for the icon type description to show up under cache types. That may take some of the mystery away.


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