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:D The local county Naturalist contacted me about setting up an Event at the county park. We would like to introduce others to geocaching. I am looking for ideas on what we can do at this event.

If anyone as set up an event or attended an event then please post a note on what activities you enjoyed or thought were a great idea.

This event should focus on non geocachers.

Thanks for your help and ideas..... :lol:

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For an intro class, begin with a sit-down session on how to use a GPS. Move on to simple exercises like "closest to the pin" contest. (Get a really accurate measurement at a spot, hand out the coordinates, and see who drops their marker closest to the tiny hidden marker you waypointed.) Then have an *easy* geocache to start them off on, before getting to stuff like evil micros and caches on sides of cliffs.


Be sure to have lots of copies of the Geocacher U introductory brochure on hand to pass out!

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