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Exchanging Travel Bug

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At the end of May I'm flying from Toronto to Athens, Greece for a 2 week vacation. At the airport we are going to hop on the subway to central athens to sightsee & guess what, "Geocache". :laughing:

There are, as of now, 7 easily (hopefully) doable caches that are around the tourist attractions & subway stations in central Athens.

The trouble is 6 are micros & 1 is a virtual. If I were to convince a local geocacher to meet me at a micro are we allowed to swap Travel Bugs and then log them as though they were dropped off & picked up in a regular cache?

I guess the problem would be that 2 geocachers could meet anywhere and swap Travel Bugs.

If I don't drop the Travel Bugs here I'd take them with me to Crete or Naxos (2 of the Greek Islands) and hopefully find a cache to drop them at.

So...what do you think ?




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I believe you can just transfer a travel bug from one person to the next. When you log the bug, you just put "grabbed from another place" instead of "taken from such-and-such cache."


But if you log it into/out of a cache, even a micro, then the TB's page would update with it's mileage and location, so that might not be such a bad thing.


Best solution is to email the bug owner and ask if they mind you logging it into a micro, since you're meeting the other cacher at that micro to hand it off.

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Hello my friends !


As I live in Athens, Greece, I think I have the solution in my mind !

I will make my best to place a regular cache near the center of Athens.

The problem you are describing is a big one for the people who pass by my city just to switch to a ferry boat or another plane to some Greek island.With all these people in mind, I will try to place a regular cache somewhere at the center of Athens, so that the exchange of travel bugs will be easy !


I just wanna inform you, that this week I received a travel bug by some friend in the Usa.He sent it to me by mail.I just logged and stated that I grabbed it from him and now I will place it to some cache here.I think this procedure is not against the rules.Or is it?


Kindest regards,


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I think this procedure is not against the rules.Or is it?

It's not against the rules as long as you don't tell anybody. :D


Mailing a bug is ok with owner permission. Others will say it's out of the owners hands. I say ask first otherwise you might find yourself talking to a cranky owner.


Great news about the cache. Thanks!


Edit: I see the bug owner was the one who sent it to you. Perfectly acceptable.

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