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  1. you should thank your brother in law...LOL Have fun!
  2. Check the price of a Garmin GPS Map 60Csx.....it should be "close" to your price.
  3. It might be a tad more then you want to pay but I'd look for a Garmin GPSMap 60Csx. They have been replaced by the 62 so the price has dropped considerably and they are still readily available.
  4. I am looking for Garmin compatible mapping for the new England states. Is there anything available? Thanks.
  5. Ahhh, ok. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. Maybe i should try to find the manual...lol
  6. My son just uses the GPS to get the bearing and then uses his compass but after spending $400 to $500 on the GPS I figure the Garmin should do it. As a side note....how does an electronic compass work and why does it need to be calibrated?
  7. Yup, that appears to be it. I was not calibrating it. I did a little test in the backyard tonight and after calibration it appears to work just fine. I guess you have to calibrate it everytime you turn it on ? Thanks, Paul
  8. When I am doing a "go to" the arrow on my GPS never points in the correct direction. The only way i find a geocache is to watch the "distance to cache" and proceed in the direction that reduces the distance. What am i doing wrong? Is it a calibration issue or ??? Thanks, Paul
  9. I calibrated the unit once when i first got it & have yet to replace batteries.
  10. I have a GPSMAP 60CSx. When searching for a geocache and walking towars the cache the distance to the cache will decrease but the red arrow on the compass page seems to be acting irratic. It's a new unit...have I missed doing something ? Thanks, Paul
  11. My Magellan Explorist 400 is locked up...says it can't find the base map and is basically useless. Is there a way to "reset" the sucker? Thanks, Paul
  12. They look great. Are there any left to purchase? Paul
  13. If you can spare any I'd love to release one in Nova Scotia, Canada. Also, on Sept. 9 we are leaving for 3 weeks vacation in Greece & Turkey. I'd be happy to drop some there too. We will have time for a geocache in Manchester, England and Munich, Germany betwen flights to & from Athens so depending on how many you can spare I'd love to spread them around. You can pick the country for me to drop them in if you like. Thanks, Paul
  14. Thank you for the hotel & cache suggestions...any other ideas before I call & reserve a hotel room? I am hoping that we have time to do at least one cache in the area. Paul
  15. My wife & I are going to Greece & Turkey in September. On our way home to Canada we will be staying one night (Sept. 29) in Manchester. We arrive about 10:30 pm and then fly out the next morning at 11:30. Anyway, the point of all this is.......I'm looking for suggestions for a reasonably priced hotel to stay in that is not too far from the airport and close enough to grab at least one cache after breakfast? :-) Thanks, Paul aka Uniacke Raiders
  16. Ghosts of Uniacke N 44° 54.130 W 063° 50.655 Located in Uniacke Estate Museum Park
  17. My good friend, YanniG asked me to post last nights experience while looking for GCRCM3 - The Hidey-Hole Cache. We live in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. Where we are it is very rural...the population is quite small and there is lots of wilderness areas to hide geocaches. The following is the log I posted for the cache and our mis-adventure last night: April 5 by Uniacke Raiders (115 found) We found this cache just after 8:00 pm....ya, that's right...it got dark as I was signing the log. There were 4 of us on this "misadventure". Myself, Caroline(my wife), our neighbor Rosie and Nike our German Shepherd. It had turned out to be a great looking evening so when I returned home from work we decided to take a look for this cache. We found WP1 after a short search and set off for WP2. After a hike we found the general location of WP2 but the GPS was bouncing all over the place and it took us quite awhile before we stumbled upon it. At this point we should have returned to the car but ...... I had an idea of where the general location of the final cache so we pressed on. As it turns out this was a mistake. The light was fading as we approached the cache location and luckily we found it without too much trouble....an awesome location, btw. I signed the log as fast as I could. We took a small tape measure and left a package of bungie cords, a pack of auto fuses and a cigarette lighter splitter thing. After replacing the cache we headed back toward the parking lot. The light faded quickly and with no flashlight we took advantage of the 1/2 moon to light the trail where the trees allowed. It was slow going but we were doing "ok" until we came to a stream that either crossed the trail or came close to it. Either way, we managed to get off the trail. When we realized our mistake we stopped and searched in different directions to try to pick it up again. We could not manage to find it so after awhile we used the GPS to get a bearing on WP1 and bushwacked a straight line course thru the woods. Before we reached WP1 we found a field that we recognized, and breathing a sigh headed for the car. We underestimated the time we'd be on the trail (can I blame WP2? LOL ) and didn't come prepared. I left the flashlights, emergency blankets and 1st Aid Kit at home. I did have water and some food but certainly was not prepared to be in the woods at night. As it turns out we were lucky as it was only a short distance from getting out when we lost the trail. Another lesson learned. BTW, when I woke up this morning there was 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground.....brrrrrrrr.....I believe the fact that we slept in our warm beds last night was more good luck than we deserved.
  18. I'm looking for recommendations for mapping software for a Mac. I'm familiar with Microsoft Streets & Trips for PC's and need something similiar that will run on a Mac. Thanks, Paul
  19. Did I hear someone mention "free beer" ???? Those words carried all the way to Canada ! Seriously, an event is a great way to bring local cachers together. Geocaching is growing in Greece and now with a Greek section in the forums an event will also attract visitors to Greece also. My wife and I visited Greece last year and had a fantastic time. We also met Yanni who is a great ambassador for Geocaching in Greece. We will be returning to Greece again but we're not sure just when. Good Luck with your next event. Paul
  20. As I recall, you will get this message if you try to open the file in S&T. Instead, the generated file must be imported. For a good tutorial on how to do this please see this link Hey Clyde, Yes, of course you are correct...I think I might have even asked you this before. They say the brain is the first thing to go...I can hardly wait for the rest of the body to catch up. Thanks again for an excellent product and even better support. Paul
  21. I'm using GSAK to create a file to be read into Microsoft Streets & Trips. When I try to read the file that GSAK created I get a message that says the file data.csv has a bad format. My GSAK file comes straight from my Pocket Query. Any suggestions as to where I should look for the problem? Thanks, Paul
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