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Wenatchee Cache Machine


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I'm finally able to take a breath after running non stop all week. This was my first CM and I was very impressed. Robinego it's sad you are upset over one crotchy curmungeon when you did a fantastic job on everything.


From all the comments I heard this weekend it was the best CM to date, so you deserve a huge congratulations. Even though I didn't take you up on your offer of backyard camping I was amazed you would even offer.


It was great finally putting faces to so many cachers out there. I'll treasure the memories and the companionship I found.


Special thanks go out to our driver Hydensek. She was sick all weekend, but still managed to tough it out and did a great job of negotiating the one way streets of downtown Wenatchee in spite of the mapping difficulties. No tickets or accidents, so all I can say is WOW!......:)


Even the minor "problem" we had Sunday morning turned out to be fun. We had a chance to meet Subie 21 and add a little break to our caching day.


Pencil me in for the next CM and THANKS to all the eastside cachers for your efforts and time. You all ROCK!


TravisL, I can't imagine the logistics of organizing and putting a CM together. WAY TO GO! It was definately a winner for me. Thank you all.

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Copied from the Cache-cadians forum:


Well it looks like I missed a fun time. I regret not being able to be at either dinner to meet everyone, but we had prior family commitments in Yakima and here in Wenatchee. I really wanted to observe the searches at our Apple Capital Loop Trail and at River Bend caches. Sounds like they kept their reputations of being challenging hides. It's been a fun few days since the weekend, reading everyones logs on our caches. Its a satisfying feeling to know those who visited Panorama enjoyed the view as much as I did when I hid the cache.


Come back anytime. You've found most of our valley caches, but there's many more in the foothills which I believe are some of the best regarding scenery. With some of us committed to hiding one cache a month, we should be plenty stocked for the next Wenatchee cache machine. Thanks to Patudles, Ambrosia, Robinego, xy and family, ccmin, Barnabirdy, Geo Team Alpha, Stonecarver, and others who make geocaching in Wenatchee interesting and fun.


Congratulations Travisl on the 1000th find, and to others who reached milestones here.

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