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Medion Nav 4.2 Gps Software

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I have the Medion software (V3 & V4.2) and also Tom Tom V3 and I have to say that the Medion maps (for V4.2) are far better (i.e. more up to date). The Tom Tom maps don't have the M6 toll (not even under construction) whereas the Medion V3 has it under construction and the V4.2 has it completed. The POIs (Points Of Interest) are a lot easier to implement on Tom Tom, (Medion requires extra software "PoiWarner" which costs 29euro).


Just my £0.02

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I agree that Tom Tom 3 is well out of date. I moved to my new house here in Lytham in the summer of 2000 and the street ain't included in the database. All you get is part of the link road which joins up with the new development which indicates the database was last updated late 1999/early 2000. :ph34r:


Curiously, Memory Map shows three different stages of the building of the development (centred around N 53 45.300 W 2 59.300)...


1:50000 - Shows no development at all - pre 1999

Aerial Map - Shows the development under way - 2000

1:25000 - Shows an almost complete development - 2004


Bizarre! :rolleyes:





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