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Elevation Data


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I don't use maps but I gather from your post that you're looking for relief data that show more resolution than the one you already had (gtopo30).


I remember reading in Mekshat.com (Arabic website for GPS enthusiasts) that the

Saudi Geological Survey keeps maps (in hard copy format) in their vaults and you can order them at SR.20 per piece. The scale if I remember is 1:500,000 and 1:1000,000.

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Actually I have plenty of image maps, but I am looking for topographical map which I can see as a 3d view. The gtopo30 has about one sqaure kilo meter accuracy.


I have seen topographical maps for US cities which are impressive and good enough for hiking, and trailing.


I was woundering if such maps exist for Saudi Arabia.


I did not know about this mekshat.com, I will go straight there.



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Aramco did most of the mapping for Saudi Arabia. The US Government purchased their data to make military topo maps that you are familiar with. The are considered FOUO (For Official Use Only) so you can't get copies of them. Being in the military I had access to these maps and used them to plan out my trips.


A friend of mine had a very nice arabic book that had even better maps than the military ones but all in Arabic.

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I did not log for a while


With MrSid file format and ozi explorer you can see amazing 3d maps of mountains and plan your 4 wheel with reasonable expectation.


It will be cewl if I can get the military files. All what we have today was forbiden not too long ago, if things move along, one day we will have them public.

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