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Amazing Software For Mac Osx...


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Anyone with an OSX machine should take a look at the free demo of Freefall.




oh and a link to some screenshots --- http://www.xtrememac.com/freefall/screenshots.html


There's a GPS satellite mode that let's you look at GPS technology from the other side of the equation -- the birds in the sky. Makes a jaw dropping screensaver. I've been using it for a few months and it really draws attention.


Gives you a lot of insight into the Satellite page on your GPS when your unit is trying to get a lock on the birds.


<<Freefall puts the wonders of satellite exploration at your fingertips, simulating the flight path of more than 850 actual satellites — Global Positioning Systems, GOES, NOAA and other unclassified orbiters used by amateur radio stations, weather services, search and rescue teams and more.


Rich with simulated space views of earth and its orbiters, Freefall is a stand-alone satellite discovery and exploration application that utilizes the power of Mac OS X to seamlessly transition from one perspective to another, soaring over the continents and oceans of the world, using political and coastline data from the United Nations and earth imagery from NASA.


The 3-D viewer interacts directly with the simulator, letting you control dozens of preferences and perspectives. Create and save your own unique simulation experiences or choose from one of 8 built-in simulations, then save your journey as a screensaver.


Turn any geographic location into a ground link, watch satellites fly by each location. Choose from a database of over 28,000 cities or define your own using latitude and longitude.


See detailed information about each satellite including altitude, speed, coordinates, launch data, and mission background. All satellite data can be automatically updated daily via the Internet.


System Requirement>>

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