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Photos in Cache Page/Description


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OK, I'm sorry as I am sure this is here somewhere, but I have looked and looked and can't find it anywhere. What I am wanting to know is how can I enter Photos into my cache page description. I have the photo's uploaded and can be seen by clicking on them, but don't get a chance to "add" like for TB's. I have seen several pages like this, and have put out a cache that the photo really needs to be seen. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You just need to add some basic html commands into your cache description, and be sure to check the "I'm supplying my own html" box. (That also means you need to do the other formatting, like putting a [/p] at the end of each paragraph.)


The simplest command to add an image:

<img src="IMAGE URL"> where "IMAGE URL" is the location on the web where you've posted the picture (including right on your cache page).



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Wow. That picture tells you exactly where to look. You might want to consider making that a "spoiler" photo. Upload it to the cache page like you did, but in the description, mention "There's a photo below that will show you right where the cache is."


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Links are done like this:

<A HREF=http://www.geocaching.com>This is Geoaching>Geocaching</a>



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Originally posted by Search1128:

I used the advice as stated above too to put a picture on my new cache "Everchanging Cache", but I have a question... the picture on my page is left justified, Is there a way to make it centered? Thanks... Kirk out. Search1128.


align=center (or if you want it right justified- align=right for left justify align=left


<img src= (your URL) align=center>


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Originally posted by Huntnlady:

Similar question... after you've uploaded a picture to the cache page, and put the link to it, can you then delete the link that was created when you first uploaded the picture?


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If you mean the one underneath the line that says there are pictures for this cache, I don't think you can. What I have done is uploaded pictures that I have posted in the forums on a cache page that has been archived and just used that link there. You can do the same thing from your profile page, upload a picture to your profile page and just put the link in your cache page. That way the picture is on the GC.com system, but not directly on your cache page.


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