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Now that I have broadban I've bee playing with Terrabrowser. Amazingingly useful program.


Does anyone here use it?


I had a few questions.


How do you print maps? The print function is greyed out.


Also it appears the entire U.S. is not available via Photo/Topo. i.e. in some areas I end up panning off the map into blank areas.


Am I doing something wrong or is it simply a case of all the maps not being put online yet?


Thanks for any answers.

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I have been using Terrabrowser for a while now.


It sounds like you have one of the alpha versions of Terrabrowser 1.5 - The author has been doing public development with this new version and each new alpha adds new features, but not everything is available yet. If you get Terrabrowser 1.1 all of the features (including printing I think) will be functional.


When you pan off of a map it is something to do with the way the USGS server works. Coverage for the topo maps and aerial photos is for the whole of the US - usually if you carry on panning you will get the maps back, otherwise flipping between the photos and topo maps will usually get you going again. You can also try zooming out as the photos have higher resolution available than the maps. The exception is the colour aerial photos - coverage for these is restricted to a few urban areas, although I think that they are increasing the coverage all the time.



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