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Adding A Caption Under My Avatar


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Your profile information lives on the Geocaching.com database, and the forums live on another server. When you update your info., you need for the database to tell the forums about the change, to get them synchronized. To do this, you need to access the forums via the "Discuss Geocaching" link on the main navigator menu to the left side of the page. This takes you to a special gateway page, which passes along the changes to the forum server.


You will find this information both on your edit profile details page, and on the forums gateway page.

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Everybody needs to STOP take a deap breath and re-read the question...


The caption under the pic is NOT what will show up. You need to edit your account details. In there is an option named "Forum Title" currently yours says "Premium Member"


Change that to what you want to say... save your changes and REENTER the forums.

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You have to admit the way it is written isn't entirely clear. But thanks for the clarification.


1. Go to your "my cache page" link

2. Click "edit profile"

3. Edit the box for "forum title"

4. Enter in your password (to verify it is you changing the info)

5. Click "update account" button

6. Click the "discuss geocaching" link.

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2. Click "edit profile"  3. Edit the box for "forum title"


Ah, thank you, Jeremy. That is the information I needed.


Sorry I wasn't more clear. I wasn't quite sure how to explain what I needed. I must have visited that "edit page" 20 times, but never connected the words "Forum Title" with a caption that would show. :P Looking at my question...I am *still* not sure how I would have re-worded it, lol.


All set now. Thanks to everyone for getting me there.

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