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All About Signature Items


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Would it be possible to have a forum about sig items...


this would give us a place to discuss where we get them, how we wake them, how much they cost...


the topic seems to keep coming up about sig items. maybe it is time for a section all about them since they are after all just as common, actually more so, as TB's and benchmarks and they seem to be an intigral part of the game. B)

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I make my own signature items. They are wood animal silouettes. They don't cost anything because I use scrap wood from other woodworking projects. I put each one in a plastic bag with a business card size "Certificate of Authenticity" that says, "I personally guarentee that this is a genuine trade item found in a geocache in the Mojave Desert of Southern California." Then there is a date line and a line for YOUR name. I also leave a personal card that says, "I found your Cache."


These are my signature items. The cards can work for everyone because they're as personal as your distinct personality. I collect cards so I wish everyone used them when they find my caches. :lol:B)

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I still think this a great idea

I still like the idea, but if it doesn't happen i won't quit caching.


I know it has NOT happened yet so I am gonna make a request about this thread, I ask that people please don't bump this topic just to say "hey is this gonna happen" All this will do is make TPTB not wanna do it(anybody would not want to if pestered). So no pestering, I have seen many good ideas die due to excessive pestering in the forums.


now for the plee...


PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE can we have this area Jeremy?

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