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Now Accepting Credit Card Orders

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After great demand to have us accept credit cards for Premium Memberships, we have created an alternate site to allow orders. It is a slightly manual process on our end so there will be a slight delay, but once you place the order we should be able to upgrade you within the day you placed the order. We are working on an automated solution but since the demand has been so high (as well as the criticisms - rightly so) we decided to go ahead and push this solution forward.


In addition to accepting Premium Memberships, we are also providing orders for Travel Bugs and Calendars through the alternate web site. We only ship USPS with no tracking options, but the cost (being that it is First Class Mail) is far cheaper than the Shop Groundspeak site which does UPS only.


Premium Membership purchasing is available worldwide, but we are only shipping calendars and travel bugs within the US. If you are outside the US there will be no available shipping options. Premium Memberships (for obvious reasons) do not need them.


If you wish to give a gift membership you can supply the username of the individual you wish to provide the membership to. We'll discuss within the company how we may be able to fulfill orders Christmas day if you place the order Christmas Eve, but I'll be out of town so it may be difficult.

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