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Indiana Dnr Geocaching Rules


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PNC is right. I have a DNR pal who told me much the same about the area they are responsible for. They know the caches are there, and where they are, and haven't had a bit of trouble with them so far. They know who to contact if there is a problem, or that they can contact one of a handful of cachers who will step up to handle the problem.


They see the permit process as an option at their disposal should they need to enforce a problem and hope that it doesn't come to that. (Probably because they don't like paperwork any more than the next guy).


As long as we do the right thing in that territory, it will stay that way. Mess up, and we get to play paper games.


This whole permit thing is dumb why would you need a permit to place a item in a park or wooded area that encourages others to get out and experience nature. As long as the cache is placed in an area you can legaly walk there should be no issue. Yet another way the State of Indiana is trying to ruin a good thing, the next thing you know they will be leasing out the state parks and forests.

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