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Tarmacing The North Section Of The Hijaz Railway


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Last winter I was up there. There is a new road being built that is parallel to the Hijaz RR. It was probably about 50 - 60 kms south of Tabuk and it was about 4 -5 kms east of the railway roadbed. Further down, near Mada'in Salin, where there was a wonderful S curve, the route has been graded, mostly on the roadbed.


The problem is that people have looted and vandalized the old RR stations along the line. The Saudi gov't has put fences around many of the stations, but in many cases, it is too late.


Sadly, many of the Saudis didn't appreciate these and many Westerners thought it would be fun to have souveniers, so everything that could be put in the back of a Landcruiser has gone.


I drove the route twice in 1983 and 84 and again in 2005. It was sad to see the difference.

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