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Tangle and Cache

Getting A Travel Bug To Mexico Quickly.

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My sons class is going to be studying Mexico after they return to school in January. I would like to get a travel bug to mexico as soon as possible so that it can travel around mexico, and pick up interesting photos and stories as it travels.


I think that this would help my son and his class get a bigger view on Mexico that what they are presented in school. I think that it would also help get him more interested in his studies.


My questions: How can I quickly get a TB to Mexico so that I can do as much traveling as possible over the next couple of months?


Is anyone planning a geocaching trip to mexico, and could you take a small TB along for me?


Are there any geocachers living in mexico who would be willing to drop off a TB for me?


Is there a faster way to get it there (besides me going there myself)?

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This is a newbie opinion:

It seems that sometimes a cache takes a LONG time before it is found and I think you want your TB to travel as much as possible.


Maybe have someone drop it in Baja where it seems to be more geocaching activity in Mexico as compared to Central Mexico.


Or maybe the few active geocachers in Mexico would agree to have it sent via UPS or postal mail and move it around.

[ como ven? que los q tienen caches se animen a echar la mano]

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I can help... I have prepared a cache and I'm sowing next week.


The problem is that I don't have "bugs travelers" available.


Greetings since the center of the country.



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