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Guest The Fellowship

?s on Garmin Vista (USB, use w/ MapSource maps, averaging, etc.)

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Guest The Fellowship

- I would sure appreciate some help on a couple of issues that I can't find answers to in the manual.

1. By searching the forums, it looks like my Vista can not do auto averaging. Bummer. Any computer and/or Palm programs to average way-points where you would manually enter the way-points in?

2. When I fill the 24 meg with my new topo maps, how do I delete some of them so I can put other topo map sections in as needed?

3. Can I load 10 meg of topo maps AND 10 meg of Metro maps for the same area? If so, do they overlay each other, or can you select 1 to show at a time. Or can you only load 1 type of map and if I load the topo, then metro is gone?

4. The MapSource software has an option to download to the GPS via UPS...but I have been unable to find a USB cable. Any ideas or sources on how to get the USB cable, or how to get the parts and wire one?

- Thanks very much in advance for your help.

The Fellowship


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Guest Hawk-eye

1) Not sure ... but you won't miss it. IMHO

2) When you load another set the previous set is deleted.

3) I've never done it .... but it can be done .. you go into the map menu and you can select or deselect the maps displayed.

4) There is no USB connection for the Vista that I am aware of.



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Guest peter

1. I don't know of any program just for that, but you can download your data to G7toWIN, save as a comma-separated-values file and then upload to a spreadsheet like Excel to do whatever manipulation you want.

2. Before MapSource downloads new maps to the Vista it erases any maps previously loaded. So each time you need to select ALL the maps you want before you start the download.

3. Yes, you can load a mix of MetroGuide, Topo, R&R, etc. - but as question 2, you need to select all desired maps before doing the download to the Vista. Only one map will show on the Vista screen at one time. If multiple maps are loaded and enabled for the same place, there's a heirarchy that's followed to determine which one will appear. To have a map shown that's lower in the heirarchy and therefore hidden, you go to the Vista menus and temporarily disable any maps that are hiding it.

4. The option is there for the GPS units that use removable memory cards, like the eMap and SP. These cards can be put in card writer that has a USB port and loads much faster. Using USB with the Vista won't work since you still need to get all the bits through the RS-232 port.

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Guest mrcpu

As for your USB issue... you can pick up a USB to Serial Adapter that, when installed into your laptop or PC will show up as com5 or something. You don't get any speed benefit but if you need USB for a newer laptop then this is the way to go.







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Guest apersson850

Regarding question #1; There is a program called VisualGPS that can average a position for you.


But in order to use that program, you must have version 2.24 in your Vista. You also must upgrade from 2.23 and nothing else.

If you have 2.20 in your unit, you have to upload 2.23 and then 2.24. Otherwise the correct NMEA sentences will not be sent out from the Vista.


Using VisualGPS requires that you have the computer connected at the place where you are averaging your position.


Your other questions have already been answered correctly.



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